Diploma and PQP students

美洲杯竞猜投注 www.zgcsrj.com Orientation is the beginning of your studies at Edith Cowan College (ECC), and a fun way to enrol in your new course, meet new students from all over the world, and to get the information and assistance you need to help in your studies at ECC.

Please note: English packaged students will commence their studies on the ECU Mount Lawley campus as noted on their Letter of Offer

Activate your ECC student account NOW!

Activate your ECC student account BEFORE coming to Orientation. This means you will be ready to jump straight into fun activities and have more time to enjoy your new campus! Wait to receive our Orientation email, before you can you activate your student account.

Follow the instructions in the email we sent you, together with this manual:
ECC Account Activation Manual
If you are not sure on what to do, it is OK! We will do it with you on Orientation Day 1.

What will happen at Orientation?

ECC arranges a range of activities which will guide you on your way to successful studies.

Where should I go?

ECU Joondalup Campus West, Building 80

10 Injune Way, Joondalup

Edith Cowan College Welcome Centre

See ECU Map here

What do I need to bring on my first day?

  • A copy of your ECC Offer Letter
  • Passport (international students only)
  • Student visa details (international students only)
  • Details of Australian address and phone contacts

At Orientation, you will:

  • Meet with our friendly ECC staff, student leaders and new friends.
  • Engage in a range of fun activities, quizzes and ice-breakers with prizes to be won.
  • Learn about the services and facilities that are available to you as a student.

Most importantly, Orientation ensures that you are enrolled and organised before you officially start your classes. You will:

  • Create your timetable
  • Find out which textbooks you need
  • Get your ECC Student ID Card

Students are also required to attend a workshop during the Orientation sessions on day 2.
Day 2 of Orientation "Steps to Success" - your start in becoming a successful student!
What to expect:

  • Meet and get to know people in your course
  • How to plan your short and long term goals
  • How to manage your time for successful and on time completion of assessments
  • How to log on to ECU wireless (bring an electronic device + your user name + password from Day 1!)
  • Tour of the ECC student portal including unit outlines; staff contacts; free resources for continuing language improvement
  • Tour of the ECU Student Portal including free English language resources
  • Question time

June 2019 Orientation

Diploma programs


Part 1 – Building Connections - Wednesday 19 June 2019

9am registration (check in)

Part 2 – Steps to Success - Thursday 20 June 2019


July 2019 Orientation

PQP programs


Part 1 – Building Connections - Wednesday 24 July 2019

9am registration (check in)

Part 2 – Steps to Success - Thursday 25 July 2019


The Importance of Orientation

Orientation is a time to find out what you need to know in order to study effectively at ECC. ECC takes it's duty of care obligations seriously and orientation is the first step in ensuring that you are advised of academic support systems, student wellbeing programs and safety information for life in Australia. As such, attendance at orientation is compulsory. In addition, missing the scheduled orientation dates will delay administrative processes (eg. ID card and transport concessions) and limit enrolment choices (fewer unfilled classes, limited time options and the possibility that you may not be able to take on a full-time load).

Every effort should be made to arrive in Australia in time for the scheduled orientation. Students who cannot meet this obligation are required to seek approval and provide written evidence of extenuating circumstances.

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