Tuition Fees 2019

Program Duration International students total program fees(AUD$)* Australia Citizens / Permanent Residents Total Program Fees (AUD$)*
Diploma (Year 1) all streams 2 or 3 trimesters $23,000 $13,200
Diploma of Commerce 
(Year 2)
2 or 3 trimesters $30,500 $13,200
Diploma of Communications and Creative Industries (Year 2) 2 or 3 trimesters $29,500 $13,200
Diploma of Hotel Management (Year 2) 2 or 3 trimesters $30,500 $13,200
Diploma of Science (Computing/IT) (Year 2) 2 or 3 trimesters $30,500 $13,200
Diploma of Science (Engineering Studies)
(Year 2)
2 or 3 trimesters $27,800 $14,400
Diploma of Science (Health Studies) (Year 2) 2 or 3 trimesters $31,300 $14,400
Post-Graduate Qualifying Program (PQP) 1 semester $13,200  

美洲杯竞猜投注 www.zgcsrj.com * All listed tuition fees are indicative only and are subject to change.

For Census dates, please visit edithcowancollege.edu.au/important-dates

Academic English Fees 2019

English Programs CRICOS
Tuition fee
Materials fee
Academic English (Elementary to Advanced) 071799A 10 weeks $440/week $115
20 weeks $440/week $185
25 - 40 weeks $420/week $215
45 - 50 weeks $410/week $295

Important Information

FEE-HELP - is an Australian Government Loan Scheme that will assist eligible full fee paying students, who are Australian citizens, to pay their tuition fees at an eligible Higher Education provider. ECC is an approved Higher Education Provider and can offer FEE-HELP to eligible students to assist them in the payment of all or part of their tuition fees.
FEE-HELP loan can cover all or part of a student's tuition fees. A maximum of A$97,728 or $106,328 (indexed) in tuition fees may be paid using FEE-HELP over a student's lifetime, depending on the course undertaken.

Please note: FEE-HELP is only available for Diploma programs.

For detailed information please refer to Study Assist, or contact ECC.

Program fees include:

  • Tuition (half of the fees for the first course is payable on enrolment. Subsequent study period fees are payable two weeks before the start of each study period)
  • Airport reception
  • Free English support and academic skills seminars relevant to Australian study methods
  • Orientation program
  • Access to library, computing, sporting and social activities
  • Assistance from Counsellor and Student Advisor if necessary
  • Unlimited internet downloads for coursework purposes

Program fees do not include:

  • Books and stationery
  • Accommodation
  • Meals and Transport
  • Health Cover (this is charged separately on the Letter of Offer and is payable on enrolment)
  • Airfares
  • Visa processing fee
  • Uniforms and equipment for science students
  • Flying lessons for Aviation students

Unless otherwise stated, prices quoted above are exclusive of GST (goods & services tax).
NOTE: ECC conducts 3 trimesters per calendar year: February; June and October. Most courses can be completed in 2 trimesters when taking 4 units per semester.

1. Fees

1.1. A full time study load is equivalent to four units.
1.2. Tuition fees, charges and accounts are payable in advance of each trimester/semester.
1.3. Students are not permitted to commence a trimester/semester until all outstanding fees, charges and accounts issued by ECC or ECU are paid.
1.4. The total tuition fees stated in an Offer Letter are indicative only and are based on a full time study load for one trimester/semester. The final tuition fees incurred may vary depending on unit selections, study load and promptness of payment.
Students will receive a credit to their account where the incurred tuition fees are less than the amount paid in advance.
1.5. ECC has the right to increase tuition fees and charges from time-to time without notice.
1.6. Students enrolling in a second or subsequent trimester/semester at ECC will be notified of the date by which payment and enrolment must be completed. Failure to enrol by the notified date may incur a penalty fee as detailed in the Results & Re-enrolment flyer.
1.7. Certain courses require the purchase of specialised equipment and/or clothing.
1.8. Should it be necessary for a student to repeat a unit, the full amount will be charged.

2. Payment deadlines

2.1 Unless determined otherwise, the due dates for payment of all fees payable are:
New International students: date shown on the Letter of Offer;
New Domestic students: date shown on the Letter of Offer;

Continuing International students: Close of Business (COB) on Friday prior to commencement of study period as shown on provisional invoice;
Continuing Domestic students: Close of Business (COB) on Friday prior to commencement of study period as shown on provisional invoice.